Stroke Awareness

*Several resources on this page have been removed. This will be updated at a later date.

World Stroke Day - Get Involved in Preventing Stroke

World Stroke Day is on October 29th. World Stroke Day
Every year, there is a different emphasis. Past emphases include awareness for stroke’s impact on women as well as ways to treat stroke. Please view the resources below for quick facts of how stroke can affect everyone. Additionally, visit the World Stroke Organization’s World Stroke Day page for more information about the event and facts about strokes.

Brain Global is proud to show our support by spreading the word through a permanent addition for Stroke Awareness on our website, as well as a social media campaign. Resources are available to print and distribute anywhere, especially resource-limited countries.


  1. Click to view printable infographic (image)
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  4. Watch this 40-second video to learn how to identify a stroke easily and quickly: