About Us

BRAIN Global was founded in November 2013 by Francis Fezeu, MD, PhD, a Cameroonian-born neurosurgeon.  The name BRAIN Global is the shortened form of BRinging Advanced care In Neuroscience to the Globe.   It is a neurosurgeon initiative for the promotion of worldwide access to standard care in neuroscience with a special focus on resource-limited countries (RLC).

According to the ultimate goal of medicine of treating people, BRAIN Global will act specifically at the level of policy-makers (e.g., World Health Organisation, World Federation of Neurological Surgery, Non-Governmental Organization) for the implementation of guidelines that would lead to the introduction of standard medical care to resource-limited countries in the field of neuroscience.  Equipped with knowledge about the reality of life in underserved countries, experience in different continents, special skills in medical science, as well as a strong will, the association’s main activities and aims are focused on training and further education, health projects in RLC, integration of experts, global partnership and exchanges with other disciplines.

Board of Directors

  • Francis Fezeu, MD, PhD – President, Director
  • Daniel Basuel, MS – Secretary, Coordinator of Media, Director

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